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How to make a cup of matcha from DAVIDsTEA (with pictures)


In my last post we talked about Matcha and whether it was worth drinking or not. Well, there’s no denying the benefits!

My favorite place to get matcha is at DAVIDsTEA.

DAVIDsTEA is a Canadian owned tea shop with over 200 stores across Canada and the United States! (the business only started in 2008).
There are a number of teas to chose from. My favorite is obviously matcha.

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown green tea. Drinking one cup of matcha is equivalent to drinking 10 cups of green tea!

There are lots of places to get matcha, but I prefer to get matcha from Davids Tea.

I chose Davids Tea because they have lots of different types of matcha. They have the classic, natural ones, AND they also have the FLAVORED ones.
Maple, Peach, Mint, …YES!

Obviously, the natural matchas they offer have a lot more benefits than the flavored ones.

But. I mean…Maple Matcha? Yes, please!

To make a cup of matcha from Davids Tea, you gotta’ make sure you have the essentials. Luckily, Davids Tea has the essentials you can buy! It comes with the matcha whisk (no, you can not mix it together with a spoon), the matcha measuring spoon, and the matcha bowl (to whisk the matcha in).

Here is what you will need:   (image from DAVIDsTEA. Click the picture to go to their website)

First, put on the kettle.

The next step is to choose which matcha you would like.

If you want to get the most benefits out of your cup of matcha, I would suggest going with Ceremonial Matcha, Matcha “Matsu”, Kale Matcha or Grand Cru Matcha.

I chose to make a cup of Ceremonial Matcha. (if you chose any one of the four above, still follow these instructions).

Next, you will want to put 2-4 matcha spoonfuls of your chosen matcha into the matcha bowl.  (I do not have the matcha bowl. BUT, I wish I did. It would be so much easier).

Once the kettle is almost boiled, pour a cup of the almost boiled water in the bowl (or more, depending how much matcha powder you put in). Then start to whisk the matcha to get it to mix with the hot water.
Fun fact, the matcha actually does not dissolve into the water, it just mixes with the water. This is why you cannot use a spoon or a normal whisk. You need the special whisk made out of bamboo to properly mix the matcha. Otherwise, the matcha will not mix and your drink will be very chalky and have lumps of matcha powder.
Make sure to whisk until you have an even consistency.

Next, if you would like to add any sweetener or milk you can do so now. I added some agave that I also got from DAVIDsTEA.
After that is done, You can pour the matcha into your favorite mug, and enjoy!


If you decide you would like to have one of the flavored matchas instead, you do not need to go through these steps!

All you will need is: a flavored matchathe matcha spoon, and a matcha maker (they have different designs!) You can get them at DAVIDsTEA as well.
Note: DAVIDsTEA also has seasonal flavored matchas.

Here is what a DAVIDsTEA matcha maker looks like:


All you need to do is:
1. Put 2-4 matcha spoonfuls of flavored matcha in the matcha maker.
2. Take near boiling water and add it until it fills about half of the matcha maker.
4. Press the air release button on top of the matcha maker (this will release some air so the matcha doesn’t spit in your face when you open the matcha maker).
5. Pour the matcha into your favorite mug or drink it right from the matcha maker (it doubles as a travel mug).

Just FYI, you can make the flavored matchas this way because they are mixed with ingredients like, pure coconut nectar, cane sugar, etc.
So, the flavored matchas will not clump or be chalky if you use the matcha maker.
However, if you try to use one of the more natural matchas in the matcha maker, it will clump.

Well, there you go! I hope this post helped you (even just a little bit).
I highly recommend Davids Tea, They have lots of other teas to chose from if you do not like matcha.
Be sure to visit them! x

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7 surprising health benefits from drinking hot cocoa!


Date: April 2nd 2017        Writer: Shania Marie      Picture source: Healthy Food House

Hot cocoa, also know as drinkable chocolate, (probably the best thing to ever happen?) actually has amazing health benefits. Which is not very surprising considering cocoa goes back to the Mayans. It is believed that the invention of cocoa could be as early as 900 AD!

Here are just a few health benefits you might not have known about drinking hot cocoa:

1. Cocoa helps fight tooth decay – Really, I’m not kidding.

A university in Japan did a study and found that parts of the cocoa bean prevent mouth bacteria and tooth decay.  

Does this mean we can eat chocolate as a part of our dental care routine? 
As much as I wish we could, No. We cannot.  A lot of chocolates have added sugar, which we all know promote tooth decay.  

So, how can we get the oral benefits of cocoa? 

Well, Takashi Ooshima, Osaka University stated “It may be possible to use CBH extract (Cocoa Bean Husk) in a mouthwash, or supplement it to a toothpaste.

Where can you get CBH? Well, as of right now we can’t find a supplement made from CBH that we can take everyday.  So I guess for now, we should stick to drinking a cup of natural cocoa and practicing good oral hygiene.


2. Cocoa helps in lowering blood pressure

There is a research study that proves when people increase their hot cocoa intake it reduces the systolic and diastolic blood pressures.

This study compared the effect of cocoa and tea intake for blood pressure. The results concluded that cocoa consumption could possibly work in lowering blood pressure, while the tea had no effect. 

Will cocoa be the new tea?


3. Cocoa can be used as a stress-reducer!

Cocoa actually contains a lot of good chemicals! 
It has caffeine, which we all know makes our days 100% easier. It also contains theobromine that stimulates our nervous system and phenylethylamine that helps in the production of dopamine (a chemical in our brain that makes us happy). 

So, why not enjoy a cup of cocoa? You deserve it! 


4. Cocoa has Antioxidants

research study has made it clear that cocoa exhibits a high antioxidant activity. 
Antioxidants help your body fight free radicals as well as protect you from a number of diseases! 


5. Cocoa can help with Obesity

A study indicated that consuming cocoa decreased visceral adipose tissue weight (fat that surrounds internal organs). The study concluded that consuming cocoa can prevent high-fat-diet-induced obesity. 

It is unclear if cocoa can help with obesity caused by other reasons besides poor diet. 


6. Cocoa can help relieve Constipation

A research study suggests that taking a supplement of cocoa bean husk (CBH – we talked about this preventing tooth decay!) can help relieve mild constipation. Although the study showed it worked best in pediatric constipated patients (children), there is no shame in sipping a nice hot cup of cocoa. 

Cocoa also has caffeine. Which by its self, is a diuretic.  


7. Cocoa can prevent the growth of cancer cells

There is some evidence that proves cocoa can prevent the growth of cancer cells without effecting the growth of normal cells. 

The evidence suggested that cocoa powder can effect the anti-proliferative effects (prevent the spread of cells) by using the polyamine metabolism (an organic compound) as a target.

While there are still more tests that need to be done until this can be used as an effective way in preventing cancer, we certainly do not have a problem with drinking more cocoa!      





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Should everyone be drinking Matcha?



Date: April 1st, 2017      Writer: Shania Marie     Picture source: Teavana 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you must have heard of Matcha. 

Matcha, according to Wikipedia, is “…finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.”  This ‘finely ground powder’ has been proven to boost metabolism, detox the body, promote weight loss, and even help fight some cancers

All that being said, Should everyone be drinking Matcha?

The quick answer to this is: Maybe.

Matcha is an incredibly healthy tea. It is definitely a health staple for all the health gurus out there.  

BUT one thing you need to keep in mind is, it does contain caffeine. According to Caffeine Informer, one cup of Matcha can contain 70mg of caffeine.  (A cup of coffee from Starbucks usually starts off at 75mg of caffeine.)

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is, Matcha from different origins has been tested, and the results indicated that it was contaminated by lead (a chemical element). Although this sounds frighting, there is a way to avoid this, Stick to Matcha teas grown in Japan. 

Even if it says organic, it may still contain lead. 

For example, one study from ConsumerLab found tea grown in China had high lead concentrations. 

So, when buying Matcha stick to the ones that come from Japan and report consistent testing for the presence of lead or any other heavy metals.

Finial Thoughts:

Only drink Matcha if you are confident about its origin. (Also, remember organic is not the answer)

If you are sensitive to caffeine, one cup of Matcha a day should be fine. (if you do not have any other caffeinated beverages i.e, coffee, energy drinks, soda)

On that note, Matcha still has A LOT of benefits. So take this information as you will.